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When in love, Gemini and Leo are not likely to behave in such harsh ways with each other very often. There is a mutual understanding and emotional aspect to the relationship itself that gives both the urge to be more gentle with and forgiving of one another.

Astrologers will tell you that every couple is a threesome; there are the two separate individuals, and then there's what they are together. Yes, there's an astrological chart for the relationship itself that can help you understand the workings of any relationship. It's called a midpoint composite chart. The composite chart reveals the strengths, weaknesses, purposes, and challenges of a relationship.

A mantra for Leos all around the world.

It answers questions such as: What does the relationship want? What does the relationship fear? What makes the relationship feel happy?

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This chart is the averaging of a couple's two natal charts. In other words; the mid-point between a one person's Sun and the other person's Sun is the Composite Sun.

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The Sun in the composite describes the heart of the relationship, the focus of the bond and what makes the relationship tick. The astrological signs of Gemini and Leo are in a sextile relationship. They are only one sign apart. The sign that separates them - is in the middle - is Cancer.

Cancer is an emotional water sign , and the traditional sign of home, marriage, and family.

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Gemini will still be Gemini, and Leo will still be Leo, but their relationship adds a new dimension to both of their lives. While their life together will still be fun and exciting, they will also feel lots of comfort with one another. Aries Taurus cancer gemini leo virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces astrology zodiac horoscope memes relationship zodiacfacts zodiacsigns zodiacposts astrologymemes sunsigns horoscope nichememes cr: sleepygyllenhaal — tumblr.

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Always the confident one. Leos excel without even knowing what they do!!

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