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Sitharaman further said the government also took a considered decision that from BS-IV emission standards, the country should go directly to BS-VI norms, which come into play from April 1, The CoC will also file an application for the extension of the corporate insolvency resolution process CIRP by another 90 days, the statement said. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India TRAI has sought views on higher transparency in details of unlimited data plans, where promised speed is provided only up to a certain level of usage and information is concealed in service thereafter.

According to bulk deal data on the BSE, the shares were offloaded at an average price of Rs Sebi said the issuer will have to disclose objects of the issue, related-party transactions, valuation, financial details, review of credit rating and grievance redressal mechanism in the placement document. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose Some carmakers worry, however, there won't be enough batteries for all the EVs they plan to launch in the coming years and a bitter row between South Korea's SK Innovation and LG Chem risks exacerbating the potential shortfall.

According to a release filed with the exchanges, Sharma tendered his resignation on November 24 after the sale of shares by the promoter group and the reconstitution of the board. Sensex Drops by points and Nifty points at hrs. This article was written on the 16th April and one Article on the 25th March when no one could Dream of a Global Recession which could take Place as per the Planetary Cycles completion in the Month of Oct. Now at Astrology is most amazing and the exact dates can be predicted even the time.

Planetary Positions Between 26th Sept. Earthquake in Japan on 26th Sept. Strong 6. As Predicted By me the FED has not increased the Interest Rates but indications that there will be increase towards the end of the year.

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Also I wrote on the 21stSept. The Interest Rates may not be Hiked immediately , but an indication of the Rates may be hiked in the near future , since Saturn in the 12th house and in Sagitarius Navamsha. Mercury is also Stationary in the 9th house with Rahu and becoming direct, but since Mercury is weak there is a possibility of the Interest Rates being increased when Mercury goes in the Lagna after 28th Nov. I have clearly pointed out that the running year will be a tiring one with efforts going in vain. Read the complete Article then you will appreciate it. Also Read My article on my webpage www.

I will discuss the Chart of 27th Dec.

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A period from 26th Dec to 1st Jan is a most prone Period for the Globe. The Countries Prone are already mentioned by me in my Earlier Articles. Mars on the Move and Taking aggressive stance and casting its evil shadow on the Eclipse point of the Eclipse. As Predicted after 13th Sept.

Sensex, Nifty continue to plunge over 1. About shares declined against advancing shares on the BSE. According to HSBC, lower currency volatility has been an important attribute for the rupee and has had the positive effect of boosting confidence and providing a stronger foundation for India to attract long-term investment.

The rupee is hovering around Asian shares tumbled after major US indices posted their worst drop since the Brexit vote in June on Friday amid concerns central banks will become less accommodative.

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Last week, the European Central Bank ECB did not take any further easing measures, instead keeping its monetary policy stance unchanged. This disappointed investors in the region. Also read — Buy, hold or sell? The rupee also moved towards 67 a dollar level, down 26 paise to The share Sensex was down Four out of Sensex 30 stocks bucked the trend, which are Infosys 1. The IT Index gained a percent.

Hence he has to be more careful. On the 12th Dec. He should keep his cool and not be stormy else this Can put him in an odd situations and a Fall in his image due to untoward happenings.

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The Party members would create humiliations for him as well specially around the Eclipse of 1st Sept. Analysing Disease By Prashna Jyotish. Earthquake in the other Parts of the world as mentioned by me also cannot be ruled out. Powerful 6. An earthquake of magnitude 6. Reports of strong tremors have been felt across West Bengal and Assam. There are not reports of casualties yet. According to National Centre for Seismology, a unit of Ministry of Earth Sciences, the epicenter of the quake was in Myanmar and it occurred at PM at a depth of 58 kms. People panicked and fled out of buildings in Kolkata, Patna and Guwahati.

Metro services have been temporarily suspended in Kolkata after earthquake tremors were felt in the region. In fact, over the past week, there have been a spate of smaller earthquakes across the north east.

The northeast is one of the most earthquake prone regions in the world. Ist Nov. Italy earthquake, Norica Italy among many 24 Aug , am, at least 38 dead,… really destructive. Now read my Articles ——Predictions come True even the time Frame written by me in all my articles on my webpage www.

It is said when a Planet is in the same sign and same Navamsha in Transit it will give the results of the Sign in a concentrated form, hence with Magnitude. Scorpio is the 8th house of the Natural Zodiac and the negative House of the Mars, hence Mass happenings, since in watery sign and watery n avamsha related to Water, Rains, Mars and Saturn in Same Navamsha and also aspecting Moon in Taurus sign and Taurus Navamsha will be bad on the 25th August Evening after Natural and unnatural Disasters.

Rail and Air Accidents, Terrorism. Earthquakes will now surface with a Greater Magnitude. Political Turmoils cannot be ruled out. The Above Planetary positions are taking Place after the Paksha kundlai of the 18th August and both Luminaries are afflicted. I have already written dozen of Articles on my webpage www. Unfortunately the worst Period of August has started the 24th to 29thAugust and then Sept. God Bless. See more. Given on the 12th August Mercury is the 8th Lord of the Progression chart and Moon is the 8th Lord of the Natal chart and there is Exchange in the chart above making the Things taking place Crystal clear.

From the above it is cryatal clear by lookinfg at the time of the Tsunami of March , Foundation chart and the Vedic Progression chart thet the year ending upto 28th April is disasterous and Explosive for the country , Fall of the country, Economic Stagnation natural ansd unnatural Disasters , Train Accidents, Fire Blood Shed, Tsunami , Mars is stationary and has the Capacity to turn the tables specially when Rahu is adverse till 20th April The Period from 29th July-August 8th to 18th Sept.

Now Read this M 7. Now Read my Article what has been mentioned above astrodocanil.

The Following are the Parameters. Mars entering back as fallen Planet in Scorpio on the 12th July could also prove explosive for the Globe, since Mars will work like a Painting Brush and repeat the events when it was in Scorpio. Mars is Know for its significations and I need not eloborate the same. Europe and Paris Attacks Can repeat and would not be a surprise Astrology is amazing.

Earthquakes, Volcanos, Cyclones.. These periods could prove fatal. Predictions comes True. The First Victim of Fallen Mars. At present, the incident has been pulled cordon peripheral region, more than fire engines and ambulances rushed to the scene.

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According to nearby residents said the explosion when louder ablaze. Site power inquest officer said, occurred the explosion of a 10kV power distribution cabinet. Currently, the fire has been extinguished, after a preliminary verification of burned area of about square meters, the site no casualties. The peripheral portion of regional power has been restored, the specific cause of the accident is under investigation.

According Huashang June 18 morning news, the National Network of Shaanxi Province power company late at night had to respond, saying that the accident led to a fire department cable channel, has organized the night to repair personnel, has now returned to area power supply. Now Read this —. Preductions coming True, More to come it seems. Jupiter in the 8th Lord from Lagna and also 8th Lord from the 10th house placed in the Lagna of the Foundation chart. This Period can be explosive for the Ruler and the Country in Totality. Dasha of Jupiter -Ketu will be still worst from Feb it so seems. Mercury will again be in Abnormal and a Negative Mode and will give unexpected Results in Stock market starting from 26th April Hence there will be reversals in the Stock Exchange specially after 28th April This would adversely inflence the Stock Market and there could be unexpected fall and a Bubble Burst in Early May , I am purposely ot mentioning the date , although the date has been put on my webpage in the articles on the Financial stagnation.

The Globe will float in Economic Recession as already Predicted. Earthquakes and natural and unnatural explosive events cannot be ruled out as per the dated mentioned. The bubble burst will take place 2 times , One on the Cards after 17th April, more so in the first week of May and then when the Planetary cycles complete in the 1st week of Oct. Venus is not Liable to become Retrograde this year hence the Defedant losses during this Period and specially when mars is fallen period couls be like a snake bite for Vijay Mallya. Earthquake rocks Afghanistan, tremors felt across north India.

I have written 2 Articles and both are Predicting what all is happening in the Country. The case 4. I had Predicted that the Culprit is known and a visitor is a Periodical visitor to the family and will be caught on the 7th April since the navamsha Lord of the Chart is Debilitated and in the 4th house when moon reaches this house , the Police will apprehend him.

I had specifically mentioned that till 2nd April there are strong chances for an Earthquake in Indonesia. In this Article it has been pointed out by me that after the eclipses in March and asper the Paksha Kundali of 23rd march there will be a strong Earthquake in Indonesia , due to the path of the Solar Eclipse of the 9th March , Critical Period mentioned of the Fortnight from 23rd March and specifically till 2nd April All has been Predicted by me. All was Predicted and specifically written for Educational institutions Scandles in the Paksha Kundali of 23rd March article as well.

Even the Dates I have mentioned.